"To Do" list for Bike #8, the 2024 Honda Monkey 125
ItemPartsWork PerformedCompletion Date
Purchased from Motor City PowersportsNonePurchased, picked up, done.20231110
Front wheel oblong, and out of balanceBalance beads (leftover from kit from common-motor.com)Removed valve, added half-bag of beads, improved, done20231114
Luggage rackGcraft Rear Luggage Rack from eBay seller beezdeals - $137.79Installed, done20231116
Replace stock shocksShocks I had laying around from a KZ750 4-cylPressed out and swapped top bushings & spacer, installed, done20231117
Add trunkEmgo Travel Trunk #72-32440 from eBay seller mc-powersports, $70.74Mounted base to luggage rack, done.20231117
Replace handlebarsMNNTHBX 7/8 bar for Honda Monkey 125 - CHROME - $49.00Installed, drilled holes for switch clusters, re-used grips, done.20231125
Add phone mountRAM Double Socket Arm - B Size Short ($16.99), Handlebar U-Bolt Base for Rails 0.5" to 1.25" in Diameter - B Size ($18.99), X-GripĀ® Universal Phone Holder with Ball - B Size ($34.99)Installed, done.20231125

20231209 - Out for a ride on a nearly 60-degree December day, at roughly 110-115 miles, a noise starts coming from the transmission.It seemed to only be noisy in 4 & 5th gear, and it was only present while in motion, and only after ~20-30 minutes of riding. Not far from home, I returned, and researched, and found other Monkey and grom owners with similar symptoms, mostly related to oil starvation. I checked and found the oil to be at the bottom of the safe range, so I added oil to the top of the safe range and no more noise. 20231215 - Out for a ride on a 55-degree day. About 20 minutes into the ride, the noise begins again in 4th/5th gear. I immediately pull into a subdivision to check the oil, and turn off the power. The oil level is good, but it appears that the oil had a bit of a foamy layer at the top. Started back up after that probably 30-60 seconds, and thinking I'd take side roads home, but the noise did not re-appear for the 4+ miles home.