"To Do" list for Bike #5, the Triumph Thruxton
ItemPartsWork PerformedCompletion Date
Pick up from Triumph DetroitNoneDone20110409
Remove rear reflector ;)NoneDone20110409
500-mile serviceNonePerformed by Triumph Detroit at about 500-600 miles (100mile round trip), Done20110513
Add BB holderOrdered BB add-on to power bar from Triumph DetroitInstalled and tested, Done20110514
AI block-offZip-ties, electrical cap, and electrical tapeWrapped cap in tape, plugged hose, zip-tied, re-connected; tested, raised idle a tad, Done.20110521
Tighten steering stem/bolts2 factory wrenches, part # T3880140 "spanner, thin, 38mm" from triumphdetroit.com ($30 each)Tightened, perfect, Done2011Jul18
Swap the silly "M" bars for "Drag" barsGot Drag bars and Napoleon bar-end mirrors from triumphdetroit.comCut 2" off each end of bars, installed bars (with correct tightenting order), re-used stock grips, re-installed powerjack, new mirrors, grip; now it is how it *should* have been from the factory... Done!20110618
Slash-cut breather hosesNoneSlash-cut 3 breather hoses near centerstand, Done20110622
Annual "Spring" serviceNonePerformed by Triumph Detroit at about 2500 miles (100mile round trip), Done20120529
Annual "Spring" serviceNonePerformed by Triumph Detroit West (first week opened) at about 3440 miles, Done201304
Annual "Spring" serviceNonePerformed by Triumph Detroit West at ???? (around 6000 or so) miles, Done20140???
Replace seat & cowlCorbin gunfighter seat from eBayInstalled seat, replaced cut charger lead201409
Annual "Summer" serviceNonePerformed by Triumph Detroit West (last week opened) at ~9600 miles, Done20150728
Annual "Summer" service, with major 12K overhaul checkTop gasket, one valve shim, parts for A.I. removal/overridePerformed by Triumph Detroit (F.K.A. Triumph East) at ~12,300 miles, Done20160614
Prepared for sale (but decided not to sell after all)NoneCleaned, started, first ride of season ~14,200 miles, Done20170326
Annual "Summer" service4T Synthetic, filterPerformed by Triumph Detroit at ~14,500 miles, Done20170603
New tires to replace worn original MetzelersStorm 3D XM 110/80ZR18 FR & 150/70ZR17 RRTires installed and balanced by Triumph Detroit at 14500 mi20170603
Note: At 2017 summer service, it was noted that chain has stretched just about to limit, and may be irregular. Sprockets and chain will be due soon, perhaps 2018 service.