#4 '75 KZ400D2

Day 1 Cursory Initial Exam Results 20060916

Front tire: Old, cracked
Front brake: Doesn't grab well, though seems bled well - oil on pads or disk?
Fork seals: shot, leaking (but covers are ok)
Triple tree: bent (at least top clamp is)
Headlight mount: bent, especialy right side
Handlebar: bent
Gas cap gasket: shot
Mirror: Missing right, bad left
Speedo cable: broken
Exhaust stud: something strange about right inner stud, and exhaust leak
Exhaust: From 440 -loud, but cool
Engine: pinted, covers look bad and need paint removal
Side covers: broken right bottom stud
Seat: long tears/splits at seams
Wiring: Bad - lots of wear, decay, etc - needs complete overhaul
Battery band: missing
Chain guard: rusty
Chain: Holy stretched, Batman!
Sprockets: Holy worn, Batman!
Intake ducts: over-wrapped with black tape - probably shot
Air filter: Homemade but OK
Carbs: need complete overhaul and float adjustment
Inline fuel filters: Missing
Oil: Overfilled by about 1/2 to 1 Qt.
Spark plugs: B7ES - Both extremely sooty, carbon fouled
Rear tire: Worn, old, cracked
Key: 775
Miles: 10536