Projects/Maintenance for Bike #2, the First 750
ItemPartsWork PerformedCompletion Date
Leaking fork sealsFork seals (KL15-1411) and Dust covers (44010-032) from z1enterprises.comDone by Howell Cycle2005Q2
Paint spokesNeed paint (Duplicolor Deep Jewel Green or Satin Black)Done, painted black2005Q4
Replace headstock bearingsI have the tapered bearingsDone2005Q4
Install braided/stainless brake linesLines, connectors, etcDone2005Q4
Re-wire LED voltmeterNone RequiredDone2005Q4
Repair Dash/Gauge LightsCheck wiring, bulbs?Done, repaired short2005Q4
Short in clutch lever/headlightNo parts neededDone, tested - apparently solved during front-end rebuild2005Q4
Repaint bucket, trees, clamps, gauge coversPaint, primerDone2005Q4
Small front fenderHave LTD fender, need to modify/drill holesDone2005Q4
Install clockSpot ClockDone2006Q1
Adjust floatsNo Parts RequiredDone, Adjusted floats to 25mm from gasket2005Q3
Replace crankcase-to-airbox hoseHoseDone, Installed clear hose from hardware store2005Q3
Replace Spark plug capsCaps (already have)Done2005Q3
The "coil mod"Already have all partsDone200510
Replace/reclamp fuel linesAlready have fuel line and zip tiesDone2006Q1
Disassemble/inspect/clean petcockNone RequiredDone2006Q1
Fix hornOrdered new horn from z1EnterprisesDone/installed2006Q1
Repair stripped carb screws (M4)Recoil set or tap setDone2005Q4
Tach seal leakTop gasket, seal, etcDone - Installed NOS gasket and stuffed 10mm o-ring in2005Q4
Investigate auto-advancerNoneDone, cleaned/lubed2005Q4
Oil fill cap leakO-ringDone, Replaced o-ring2005Q4
Oil leak at, and adjustment of, cam chain tensioner Investigate, adjustmentDone, Replaced o-ring, adjusted2006Q1
Install new coilDyna 3.0 Ohm Coil DC1-1Done2006Q2
Install/Change LED license plate ringPlate Ring (already have)Done2006Q1
Modify/lift license plateFabricate plate bracketDone2005Q4
Install amber LED License Plate holders, wire with turn signalsLED Plate HoldersDone2006Q1
Paint spokesHave Satin Black from front spokesDone2005Q4
Rear fender eliminatorHave old fender, need to modifyDone - bobbed, may paint later2005Q4
Repair swingarm loosenessGot new bearings from ($33 for all four) and NOS sleeve from eBay ($45)Done! Done! YAAAAY!!!2006Q1
Replace luggage rackHave rack, need u-shaped boltsDone2005Q4
LED/taillight indicator modRelayNo longer needed after adding LED plate ring
12759 mile oil change, et alHave oil, Emgo filter, magnetic plugDone!2006Q2
Replace rear shocksHave nice shocks from eBayDone2006Q3
Valve adjustmentGot 32mm 2.40 shim from Howell Cycle, cheap tool from z1enterprises.comDone2006Q3
Replace front wheel bearingsFrom, Part #25-1221 $12.90Done2006Q3
Replace rear wheel bearingsOrdered bearings from, Part #25-1286 $28.77Done2006Q3
WinterizeNo oil change, oil in cycl, deflate tires, up on blocks, remove/store tankDone2006Oct(late)
Replace "coil mod" fuse with bladeHave blade-style holder and fuseDone2006Dec
Investigate mis-aligned front endNoneDone? Loosened overly-tight stem, re-seated tubes and lowered a few MMs2006Jan
Replace Fuel line and filtersHave 1/4" GoodYear fuel line, need new filters from z1Done2007Mar10
Oil and filter changeHave Emgo filter and RotellaDone at 13861 mi2007Mar10
Starter Clutch Explosion!Scavenged starter clutch from spare 400 engineDone - installed spare with no pins, rollers, or springs2007May6
Oil change (after starter clutch problem)3q motorcycle oil, and RotellaDone at 14309 mi2007May6
Re-do relay coil powerReplace cheap relay with Bosch and pigtail, fixed secondary power to ignitionDone - with new 12 ga. wire, cleaned up, better solders2007Aug25
Upgrade FuseboxHave fusebox, blade fusesDone2007Aug25
Re-Set floatsOld setting (see above), was too highDone - set to 26mm from outer carb edge, not gasket surface2007Aug25
Oil and filter change (and chain clean and lube)Emgo filter and RotellaDone at 16070 mi2007Sep03
Morgan Colortune adjustmentNoneDone2007Q4
Check valve clearance, REPLACE GASKETHave gasketDone, used sealant at rubber caps2008Apr25
Replace fuel filtersHave larger filtersfrom z1enterprises.comDone2008Apr25
Oil leak at, and adjustment of, cam chain tensioner Found missing washer and improperly machined bolt! Ordered new from bikebandit.comInstall, done!2008Apr25
Oil change (and chain clean and lube)RotellaDone at 18260 mi2008Jul17
Oil change and filter (and chain clean and lube)Rotella and GTX, Fram filter, replaced inner-most o-ring on filter boltDone at 19280 mi2009Mar14
Battery fill-upDist. WaterDone2009Mar14
Replace Fuel line and filtersHave 1/4" GoodYear fuel line, need new filters from z1Done2009Mar14
New tiresBought new Pirreli MT-66 from Motorcycle-Superstore.comChanged by Howell Motorsports, installed at 19800 miles, Done2009May29
Side coversGot some G model sidecovers from eBaySanded/painted G covers green (in June), then wet-sanded, then primered, then painted satin black2009Sep12
Wrap STOCK (with x-over) exhaust headers (after oil leaks are fixed)Remove rust, use high-temp paint, black fiber wrap, MAC tapered mufflersDone2009Sep12
Grease swingarm bearingsNoneDone20090920
WinterizeOil change (Rotella & V all-clim), oil in cycl, deflate tires, fill tankDone2009Dec13
Un-winterizeBolts, plugs, jetsAir in tires, new NOS sidecover bolts (part 130G0695) on, changed plugs to BR8ES, new fuel lines and filters, installed 130 main jets (part 92063-147), set floats to exactly 25mm from outer lip, Done2010Mar06
Oil/filter changeRotella and Fram filterDone at 22315 mi2010May29
Remove grip warmers and replace gripsReplace old, ripped ProGrips with newDone2010May29
Lube throttle assembly and cablesNoneDone2010Jun
Change pilot jetsGot 2 MIKUNI PILOT JET BS30/96 #50 2.75 each from z1enterprises.comInstalled, re-tapped 2 more float bowl screws, done!2010Aug11
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella), filter (Fram), N.O.S. figure-8 o-ring, battery/tank removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone at 23713 mi2010Dec04
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella/Valvoline), filter (Emgo), battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone at 24872 mi2011Dec04
Cooling fin rubber spacersGot and installed rubber spacers (part #92075-109 $1.61 @ Ron Ayers)Done2012Mar04
Change seatHave seat, bought a while ago from eBayDone2012Jun
Diagnose/Solve crazy engine rattle near statorNoneDisassembled, found 3 stator allen bolts to have backed out and loose, one completely out and rattling against rotor; re-installed with BLUE LocTite; oil (Rotella) and filter (Emgo) changed at 25299, istalled with new filter washer (92022-1012) and drain plug washer; Done20120728
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella), battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone at 25717 mi2012Nov10
Un-WinterizedReplaced everything, and new fuel line/filtersA little bit of a fuel leak, going away over days. First commute: 4/4/132013Mar30
New gripsOrdered "Grab On MC315 Deluxe Road 6" x 7/8" Grips with Chrome End Cap" from Parts House (Babbitts)Installed, Done20130511
Resolve popping on decel and poor idleNoneDropped right bowl, cleaned out pilot passages, etc. Smooth idle is restored! Done20130518
De-slacken and lube chain, and align wheelNoneChain was fairly slack, tightened a bit and used steel ruler on sprocket to align; Done20130518
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella) and filter (Fram), battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone at 26655 mi2013Dec21
Un-WinterizedReplaced everything, and new fuel line/filters, failed right-side spark plug replaced, new foot peg grommets and oil fill cap o-ringA little bit of a fuel leak, going away over days. 2014Mar30
Check/Add fork oilAlready had 10w Fork OilBoth fork legs were a few cm low, added 10w just above line, done2014Jul20
Replace rear shck/spring unitsOverweight/Oversized shock/springs from Hagon RS Shocks Standard 330mm KZ750B (HSSA-32006-330) with Hagon Chrome Spring 23kg/129lb (HSRS-CHROME-23)M installed, done2014Jul26
Attempt to fix fork bindingNoneLoosened and re-tightened for and tree in order as described in manual - Better20140921
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella) at 27588 mi, battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone with M2014Nov15
Un-WinterizedReplaced fuel line/filters, installed tank, topped/installed battery, air in tires, tightened/connected plugs, but did not start yet.Will start in coming days. 2015Apr12
Aligned ChainGot MotionPro chain alignment toolChain was out of alignment, aligned with tool2015Apr18
Aligned ForkGot MotionPro fork alignment toolFork was actually being forced apart, possibly from the fender2015Apr18
Un-Winterized Part IIStarted, checked for leaks, fresh fuel, test ride.Runs great, rides great. 2015May03
Swap forksBought and installed: Tool - 57001-1011 from eBay (partzilla fulfilled), Seal - 92049-1216 SEAL-OIL,FORK OUTER (from Partzilla), Dust covers (44010-032x2)(from, with original fork tubes from #3 bike and kept #2 bike springsInstalled with 50/50 10w fork oil and ATF2015Jun27
Fix wobbly dash gaugesNo parts needed, used old paddingInstalled cotton padding base behind speedo and tach (inside covers), and added second nut/washers for dash mount2015Jul04
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella) and filter (Emgo) with 8-ring (92055-084) at 28601 mi, battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone2015Nov22
Un-WinterizedReplaced fuel line/filters, installed tank, topped/installed battery (switched, using battery that used to be in #3 bike), air in tires, tightened/connected plugsDone.2016Apr??
Replace hard handlebar dampersBought 92075-275 handlebar dampers from jessbikes on eBayInstalled, tightened only enough to get pins in, to see if it damps more2016Jul17
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella) at 29890 mi, battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone2016Nov20
Un-WinterizedReplaced fuel line/filters, installed tank, topped/installed battery, air in tires, tightened/connected plugsDone.2017May??
WinterizeChange oil (Rotella) and filter (Emgo) at 30470 mi, battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone2017Oct14
Un-WinterizedReplaced fuel line/filters, installed tank, topped/installed battery, air in tires, tightened/connected plugsDone.2018May27
Operating failureBike exhibited electrical failure during commute and had to be towedNone2018Jul02
Post-failure repairsNew reg/rect, stator wires replacedCheck all systems, replace reg/rect. (Ricks Motorsports Electrics SKU: RI10-304 from, $104.95, 8/11), have stator checked and re-wired by RMStator 10/17 (otherwise fine)2018Summer
WinterizeAt 30683 mi, battery (topped off)/tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reducedDone2018Nov03
Un-WinterizedReplaced fuel line/filters, installed tank, topped/installed battery, air in tires, tightened/connected plugsDone.2019May27
WinterizeHiFlo HF126 filter, OEM figure-8 O-Ring (92055-084)At 31192 mi, battery stored, tank (drained) removed, oil/filter/o-ring change, oil in cyls, tires reduced -- Done2019Oct22
Un-WinterizedReplaced fuel line/filters, installed tank, topped/installed battery, air in tires, replaced plugs with B7ES, topped off oilDone.2020May02
Replace seat coverSeat cover sent to me by forum member (who? I wish I rememberedInstalled, tightened only enough to fit, see if it needs adhesive in spring2020Sep19
WinterizeNoneAt 31296 mi (pandemic, doncha know), battery stored, tank (drained) removed, oil in cyls, tires reduced -- Done2020Oct04
Add '78-style KZ750 badges to '80 style sidecoversGot badges from ebayx...
Clean tank in dryer with BBsBBsx...
disassemble and clean front caliperxx...

Random notes to myself...
Switched to B7ES on 20070707, Switched to BR8ES on 20100306, back to B7ES on 20200502
After pilot jets replaced on 20100811, floats set exactly 25mm under lip, and pilot screws at 1.75 turns out.
At winterization 2010, plugs looked good, but a tad lean, perhaps at the pilot screw.
At winterization 2011, plugs look perfect. Need to remember to check battery fluid mid-year each year!
20150509 - Bought replacement/experiment seat cover from ebay seller "hondasvintage" in lat January of 2015 for $25.99. Need to install!
Bought these things for spare forks rebuild:
Tool - 57001-1011 from eBay (partzilla fulfilled)
Seal - 92049-1216 SEAL-OIL,FORK OUTER - Partzilla
Dust covers (44010-032x2) from
At winterization 2019, plugs looked a tad carbony. Might wanna switch back to B7ES next year.