"To Do" list for Bike#1, the REBUILT 400
ItemPartsWork PerformedCompletion Date
Oil change, et alOil, filterDone at 23157mi2006Q4
Valve adjustmentNoneDone2006Q4
Install missing speedo cableFound old cable in boxDone2006Nov
Improve tailpiece mount (at front)NoneNevermind - Tailpiece removed2006Dec
Replace grab-rail boltsBoltsNevermind - Grabrail removed2006Dec
Cosmetic rubber trim strip for tailpieceRubber stripNevermind - Tailpiece removed2006Dec
Adjust rear brakelight sensitivityNoneDone2006Dec
Replace main harness fuse (not box) with bladeBlade holderDone2006Dec
License bracketBought dual cateye with license holderDone - bent and mounted2007Jan
Install case guardsHave guardsDone2007Jan
Replace rear brake return springFind return springDone - found, installed2007Jan
Swap exhaustHave sporty mufflers, need clampsDone - Mufflers on, sealed the gap, clamped2007Jan
Coil modHave stuff from partsexpress.comDone2007Mar17
New CoilGot 5 ohm Dyna coil and red wires from z1enterprises.comDone2007Mar17
Replace fuse boxNew blade-style box from Wiringproducts.comDone2007Mar17
Air leak at carb bootsOriginally had carb boot gaskets, couldn't get them to stop leakingDone - removed gaskets and sealed with fuel-proof sealant 2007May05
Glean gas tank with BB'sDid dryer/BBs, naval jelly, water rinse, hair dryerDone, looks awesome2007May05
Install different tankWhich tank, filters, lines, petcock?Done2007May
New front tirePart# 4362-14, Dunlop F11 300-18 FRONT TT $42.47 from RonAyers.comDone2007May26
Front wheel bearingsOrdered AllBalls bearingsReplaced both bearings and one seal (the small one), re-used other seal - Done2007Jun3
Gas cap rubber gasketHave rubber gasketDone2007Jun3
Fix fork sealsOrdered new seals/boots kitDone - Installed new seals only, had to drill out one screw, sanded down pitting, put together with blue Threadlok2007Jun9
Fork oil level170cc's 10w fresh fork oilDone2007Jun9
Superbike barsGot new barsInstalled bars, relocated turn signals from bars to headlight mounts2007Jun26
Change warped front diskHave other original diskDone2007Jul01
HornUse old horn in parts boxPainted, mounted, done.2007Jul10
Mount side coversRubber pieces from bikebandit.comDone2007Jul12
New rear shocksTried KZ750-4 shocks for a whileInstalled KZ750B twin shocks from eBay2008Jan05
Replace old headlight bulbOrdered Wagner Lighting H6024 Halogen Headlight Sealed Beam Round Clear from eBayDone2008Jun1
Oil changeOil, filterChanged oil, filter, o-rings, and cleaned/inspected oil screen (looked great) and replaced gasket at 23750 mi2008Jun8
Investigate shift return spring, clutch, shifting in generalHave new shift forkFound old shift fork worn. Changed shift fork, re-assembled with home-made gasket at 23750 mi... still phantom neautrals occaisionally but MUCH better! Done!2008Jun15
Re-set pointsNone, just want to try and re-align the points plateAdjusted points, set timing, Done.2008Jun15
Re-balance carbsNone.Done2008Jun16
Re-adjust pilots with colortuneNone.Backed out until orange, turned in just barely until orange flickers gone. Done.2008Jun16
Re-adjust pilots withOUT colortuneNone.As I ran more Seafoam through, pilots became rich. Adjusted to around 1 3/4 turns out, and is almost perfect! Done.2008Jun22
Stainless front brakelineGot brakelines and fittings from z1Enterprises.comInstalled, bled, done.20080705
Front brake seizing upNoneTook apart, cleaned scummed-up o-rings, bled, done.20080711
Fabricate headlight bracketPiece of galvanized steelShaped, bent, drilled, installed, done.2008Jul20
Re-adjust clutch cableNone, just follow instructionsDone2008Jul25
Replace rocker shaft o-rings, and re-set vavle clearanceHave o-rings from BikeBanditChanged o-rings, re-set valve clearance, done.20080816
Adjust cam chain tensionerNoneRemoved tensioner unit, cleaned and replaced gasket, adjusted tensioner to spec, set points gap and timing, done20080816
Oil seepage at tach gear/sealNoneInstalled 10mm o-ring into tach connection, tightened cable end... Done?20080716
Swap sporty mufflersAlready have punched-through sporty mufflersMy theory was that the first set of sporties were too restrictive, swapped out for the punched-through, seems better. Done20080831
WinterizeNoneRemoved battery, tbs 30w oil in cyls, tires to 20lbs, up on blocks, carbs removed, tank drained and swished with MMO., brought in for storage (no oil change)20081123
Disassemble, clean, and inventory carbs (and jets)Replacement o-rings (from mcmaster.com) and 130 main jetsClean and Ibby-ized20090215
Change/check clutch basketMight use basket from original engineFound notches in basket notch sides, smoothed with metal file and emery cloth, re-used home-made gasket2009Mar21
Un-winterize, replace fuel lines, filtersHave filters, need fuel lineRe-installed carbs, tank, battery, changed to tiny fuel filters, and replaced some fuel line, started up and ran around block2009Mar22
Invesigate float bowl leakGasket?Replaced damaged left float bowl gasket o-ring2009Jun10
Oil changeOil, filterRotella 15-40, Emgo filter, at ~25470 miles, Done2009Jun30
Ghost neutral problemHave spare neutral position bolt, spring and pin from crash engineSwapped, seemed to fix! Done2009Jul21
Floats check and jets changeNeed to check float level wet, and have new 135 mains to replace 130sSet floats to 3mm EXACTLY with wet method, which is 23mm dry method, set pilot screws to 1 5/8 turns out, and installed 135 mains. Done2009Aug26
Change taillightGot early-style CL77 taillight from eBayDone20090920
WinterizeNoneRemoved battery, tbs 30w oil in cyls, tires to 20lbs, (soon to be up on blocks), tank drained and swished with MMO., brought tank in for storage, oil change(GTX, no filter) at 26683 mi20091128
Clutch pusher repair projectGot new 6mm screws for engine sprocket guard from lawn-parts.com, and new NOS clutch cableDisassembled left side cover, clutch push mechanism, cleaned, re-greased, re-assembled with lubed new cable and new screws, adjusted20100220
Un-WinterizeNoneRe-installed tank with new lines and filters2010Apr04
Ghost neutral problemBought new neutral position spring and pin from bikebandit.comSwapped, Done2010Jul10
Repair carb float bowl thread (where idle adjuster is)Have repair tool and insertDone!2010Nov28
Dead batteryNew Duralast batteryDone!2010Oct
WinterizeNoneRemoved battery, tbs 30w oil in cyls, tires to 20lbs, (soon to be up on blocks), tank drained and swished with MMO., brought tank in for storage, oil change (Rotella, Fram filter, both o-rings) at 27988 mi20101121
Un-WinterizeNoneAir in tires, carbs back on, fresh fuel, new fuel lines and filters, lube, etc.; runs great!!20110327
Shim carb main jet needleOrdered shims from z1enterprises.comxx
Replace temporary air boots with better hose?Carb mouth is 49mm (1 15/16 ") Current hoses appear to be 2" and work with tie straps.xx
Check/install missing engine case screwsScrewsStill need one short screwx
Pilot screws at 1 and 5/8 turns out 20090826
Float level set at: 3mm wet and 23mm dry/upside-down, 20090826.
Watch the 135 main, may be too much, and might return to 130 if so. At winterization 2009, checked the plugs, and indeed they look a bit rich. At winterization 2010, they still look a tad rich, but I guess I'm living with it. They are very dark tan, but not sooty. Not bad.
2010 winterization notes: Left side rocker o-ring leakr. Fuel filter bend; filters closer to petcock?